Three great ways to avoid a cyber attack on your business

Don’t think that a cyber attack could happen to your business? Think again. Cyber attacks on small companies are becoming increasingly common. The good news? Some simple steps can be very effective in helping to prevent this growing type of crime.

Train your employees. Digital security breaches may occur when employees toss old hard drives in the trash. Or use easy-to-guess passwords. Do your employees know what a strong password is? Do they know how to make sure that data is disposed of in a responsible manner? Set some specific technology policies to guide your employees.

Stay up-to-date. Did you know that most attacks come through an email or a browser? When was the last time you updated your browser? Your security software? Do you remember the last time you changed your email password?

Consider outsourcing. It’s easier than ever before to hand off the task of cyber security to a firm that specializes in it. You may be better off turning to a firm that specializes in safety storing and maintaining your company’s data than trying to handle it yourself.

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